P.o.p-up-828 Maketi are looking for stall holders for their big event on October 17

Headlines 06/10/2020

This Maketi has been created to support & promote businesses during this unique time while encouraging Pasifika & Maori Entrepreneurship around Avondale. It’s a place for everyone to come together, connect, share stories, and celebrate through music, good food, and art. At a time like this, our communities need it. 

Saturday, October 17th from 9 am -3 pm. 

General Fiyah will be headlining the event but would also be keen to hear from local artists that are Avondale hard, that will be interested in sharing the love for Avondale and join us .

Our hub will be open for 6 weeks.

Normal trading hours will be:

Weds/thurs/fri 3-8pm

Sat/Sun 9-12pm

There's also a talanoa slot, where our elderly citizens will be sharing their stories. We will have a Kava ceremony, coffee with a cop, kids zone, Green zone. We will have exhibitions where people are showcasing their trade, whether it be carving, art etc. we will have food & entertainment.

Interested stall holders have until October 8th to register, there is no cost to have a stall at the Maketi. They can have a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 5 days consecutive. Which means everyone gets a chance!

Follow the link down below: