Jawsh 685 talks about how his mum played a huge part in the Jason Derulo negotiations

Headlines 09/10/2020

Polynesian music producer Jawsh 685 says his mum should take the credit for helping him negotiate a deal with US pop star Jason Derulo to release their chart-topping collaboration 'Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat)'. 

Speaking to The AM Show, the Manurewa High School student said the success and fame he's experiencing is still "new to him", but he's "blessed and proud" of how his track with Derulo turned out. 

After Jawsh 685's original beat blew up on TikTok, it was picked up by Derulo, who initially released a snippet of his version of the song without the 17-year-old producer's permission. 

"A lot of people had their own opinions on how it turned out and all that," Jawsh 685 told The AM Show hosts. 

"I was fine with it and went with it, we went official." 

After Derulo messaged the teenager on Instagram in hopes of an official collaboration, Jawsh 685 handed the reigns over to his mum to help him sort out a fair deal. 

"I let my mum take a lot of control of it and got advice from a lot of different people, so big ups to her," he said. 

Jawsh 685's mother said the key was making sure he had a "good team, good lawyer and good manager". 

"Everything just fell into place," she said, adding how proud she was of her son. 

"He's still humble, still a good kid."  

As for what's next, Jawsh 685 says he intends to continue making beats, but he's not feeling "too pressured". 

"When you're in the music and you're doing it, you don't feel pressure, you're just making it and going with it - whatever sounds good sounds good, I guess," he said. 

Credit to Newshub for the story.