WATCH: Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo drop music video for "Savage Love" based in Manurewa

Headlines 09/09/2020

South Auckland producer Jawsh 685 has dropped the new video for his Jason Derulo collab "Savage Love," and it features shots of both Los Angeles and Manurewa.

The Manurewa High School student and his mates dance against the backdrop of the neighborhood, surrounded by cars mounted with huge speakers and even throwing a party in what appears to be a fish and chip shop, armed with milkshakes.

The South Auckland cohort can be seen proudly waving both Samoan and Cook Island flags, repping their tupuna and their proudly displaying their culture!

By stark contrast Derulo can be seen in the Hollywood Hills, showing the blending of two worlds in the most unlikely of collabs.

Naturally the comment section is going to be filled with the usual tall poppy syndrome, but before you decide to shoot down a teenager let's also recognise that a 17-year-old from Manurewa has featured in a video that will be broadcast all around the world.

And he did so while repping the most misrepresented region in the country.

Ka pai tō mahi young king!