Vodafone, Spark & 2degrees team up to shut down racist trolls mad at their use of te reo

Headlines 29/09/2020

In one of the most unlikely crossovers you'll see this year, NZ's big telephone providers all teamed up to shut down some poor misguided trolls who weren't happy with their use of te reo.

It all kicked off when one Twitter user expressed his distaste at Vodafone's network name change to 'VF Aotearoa', which really got his colonising undies in a twist.

Not exactly shaking in their boots at the prospect of losing one disgruntled customer, Vodafone doubled down on their recent network name change to 'VF Aotearoa.'

When more trolls came out of the woodworks to take their shot at Vodafone, an unlikely ally came to the rescue, Spark.

"MLW (Māori Language Week) is now over. Can we all go back to normal now?" really sums up an attitude that is prevelant throughout this country, one that sees Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori as a simple 'ticking a box' event. In actuality, for te reo to truly thrive, we have to normalise it absolutely everywhere we can.

Spark shares this belief, as they stated in their response...

Not wanting to miss out on all the fun, 2degrees chimed in on the situation with perhaps the most sassy response of them all, rounding out one of the most unlikely tag team shut downs you'll ever see.

Vodafone, Spark, and 2degrees, we salute you!