Backyard Beats Live - Gino October

Headlines 31/07/2020

Introducing: Gino October

Born in Cape Town in ’94, the same year Nelson Mandela took his rightful place.

Gino October recalls falling asleep to the sound of gunshots in his neighbourhood, something that his family didn’t want him growing up in no more.

At 12 years old, his family made the decision to migrate to New Zealand. A decision that will guarantee the safety for Gino and his siblings.

At 16, residing in Auckland, Gino October began producing and recording his own music, thanks to his brother’s early belief and investment in his talent. It was his

brother who recognised Gino’s keen interest in rapping, buying his little brother a mic, computer and interface so he could begin making his own beats.

Fast Forward to 2020 and we arrive at the first release from his formative project Look How Far We’ve Come. This project is his journey through his lens.

First track release ‘Calisthenics’ is an observation of the financial and emotional stress that artists who still have to depend on ‘day jobs’ endure. Gino draws a broad comparison between the physically demanding task of exercising, to the difficult and exhausting task of juggling work and following ones dreams.