World Health Organisation recommends online gaming to stop the spread of COVID-19

Headlines 08/06/2020

Game, set, match! According to USA Today, the World Health Organisation is now recommending online gaming as an effective way to stop the spread of COVID-19 – encouraging individuals to isolate while connecting socially via online games.

With an estimated 2.2 billion gamers worldwide #PlayApartTogether has been set up to keep gamers informed about COVID-19 while creating safe social connection of family and friends in the digital world.

Keeping up contact in these crazy times is undeniably important for mental health and if the World Health Organisation recommends gaming as the solution – who are we to argue? The gaming pros at Logitech have shared with us their top five games so you too can #PlayApartTogether.

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You may have already seen this on your newsfeed and wondered what all the fuss was about. Animal Crossing is where your character lives on an island inhabited by anthropomorphic animals in cheerful clothing. When you’re not fishing, digging up fossils, or filling your island with shops and infrastructure, players can get social by visiting each other’s islands. Animal Crossing is available on Nintendo Switch which works best with the Astro A10 headset.

2. iRacing

Get in the driver’s seat and burn some (virtual) rubber with iRacing. With the ability to host your own private racing sessions and tournaments, iRacing also connects you with a global online community of car racing enthusiasts. Go full throttle and try playing with the Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel– with hand-stitched leather and stainless steel floor pedals it’s almost better than the real thing.

3. FIFA 20

The online mode of this addictive football simulation game enables players to invite friends for a match. You can also invite internet strangers, which (despite what our mothers told us about talking to strangers on the internet) can actually be a lot of fun. FIFA 20 also features VOLTA Football, which lets you deviate from the traditional 11v11 gameplay for small-sided street football and futsal, giving you even more ways to play with friends. Get set to inspire your teammates and smash the competition with the Logitech Pro X Headset – its microphone and mouthpiece make it easy to talk to your friends mid-match.

4. Call of Duty: Warzone

This free-to-play shooter game was released mid-March and is already taking the world by storm. Featuring two epic game modes – Battle Royale and Plunder – and an expansive map, the latest release from CoD also allows you to join forces with your friends. A battleground can have up to 150 players from across the globe so, we don’t know about you, but we definitely prefer our odds with a little backup. Fight to the finish with the G502 HERO gaming mouse – it features Logitech’s most accurate gaming sensor ever so you’ll never let the team down with a misfire.


The full title is PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds, but it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue – so PUBG it has become. The concept is pretty simple – a number of people are released onto an island, and the last person standing wins. To be the winner-winner-chicken-dinner, you’ve got to find weapons and kill the other players. Which is even more fun when the other player is your friend or family member, right? For gameplay in total control, the Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse and G915 LIGHTSPEED Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard make the perfect duo for optimising speed and precision.

Whether you want to play nice or thrash your mates in gameplay, these are our top picks for online games – go forth, play, stay connected, and #PlayApartTogether!