WATCH: Jason Derulo appears to knock teeth out while eating corn with a drill on Tiktok

Headlines 20/05/2020

Just weeks after attempting to steal other people's music, Jason Derulo is back doing some more questionable s*** by knocking his front teeth out on Tiktok.

The singer was attempting to eat corn on a cob while attatched to a drill, and it did not go well at all, removing two of his front teeth in the process.

"Don't try this" captioned Derulo.

While the video is both disgusting and hilarious, it appears to be a prank after the singer was spotted roaming around with a perfect set of pearly whites later in the day.

It's not the first time Derulo has pranked his own teeth being knocked out, after he recently pretended to lose one of his front teeth after falling out of a handstand into his pool.