US man shares the recipe to make authentic McDonald's chicken McNuggets at home

Headlines 14/04/2020

With all takeaway outlets closed amidst the COVID-19 level 4 lockdown, people are having to come up with novel ways to recreate their favourites.

Recently one man did the world a favour and shared his method for creating KFC original recipe chicken at home. 

Now home-cook and TikTok user Joshuah Nishi's recipe for whipping up authentic McDonald's chicken McNuggets at home is going viral - and followers are rejoicing. 

Nishi's instructional video, titled 'The Coveted McNuggets', was uploaded earlier this year, but with desperate fast-food fans seeking out recipes, it's seen a resurgence.

It's now had over 27 million views, with people saying the results are just like the real thing. 

But be warned - the method isn't exactly pretty. 

You'll need to chop up chicken breasts, then blitz the meat in the blender. 

"You can use a grinder if you have one, but I don't have one I'm guessing a lot of you don't have one," Nishi commentates as he cooks. 

"You can use a blender, works just as good." 

After seasoning your chicken mush with salt and pepper, form the nuggets and pop them in the freezer to firm up. 

Then combine your 'dry mix' (flour, cornstarch, onion powder, garlic) in one bowl, and your 'wet mix', (egg, water, cornstarch) in another. 

"Once your nuggets are hard we're going to go dry, wet, dry, wet," Nishi instructs. 

Then it's time to deep fry, using a large pan with a hefty glug of oil. 

"Make sure they don't stick to each other, fry them about two minutes each side," says Nishi. 

"Take them out and you got chicken McNuggets." 

Commenters dubbed the man a "hero".

"Get you a man who can make homemade McDonald's chicken nuggets," wrote one person. 

"Most important instructions of 2020," praised another. 

Credit to Newshub for the story.