There's a new Facebook event: "Sitting In KFC Drive Thru For 3 Hours Listening To Mai FM"

Headlines 23/04/2020

Facebook always has some hilarious events popping up, and now, unbeknown to us, there is a new event called "Sitting In KFC Drive Thru For 3 Hours Listening To Mai FM."

Just for the record, we have nothing to do with this page, but none the less it's hilarious!

The event appears to be taking place down in Porirua, although we don't discriminate on our KFC location preferences.

The event is also hosted by, an online video game store, and one that we don't have any connections to, but we definitely appreciate the thought.

The description is as blunt as you'd want from an event like this, although we can't completely condone everything it's asking:

Come line up in KFC Drive thru for 3 hours when lvl 3 hits, rip some fat ones with the boys, show off how loud you can pump Mai FM for the wahine.

So if you're free on Tuesday the 28th at lunchtime, feel free to head along to KFC Porirua to get your much needed fix of wicked wings while blasting yours truly through your speakers!

Check out the full event page HERE