WATCH: Mum instantly regrets trying the "chocolate pudding challenge" after her kids flip out

Headlines 17/03/2020

The internet always seems to have some sort of new #challenge going around that sees random social media users putting themselves in precarious situations, and the "chocolate pudding challenge" keeps that trend going.

Essentially what it entails is someone sitting on a toilet, then they yell out to someone in the house to bring them toilet paper. Before that person arrives with the toilet paper, the toilet sitter dips their fingers into chocolate pudding. When the toilet paper finally arrives and is being passed over, you wipe some of said pudding onto their hand, making the other person think it's pooh and not pudding.

Reactions can be hilarious, some can be horrific, but one mother got both after attempting the challenge on her children. Her youngest son started spewing his guts out as soon he thought it was fecal matter, eventually spewing over his brother who then bursts into tears. What a mess...

Check it out down below: