School kid dresses up as Eazy-E for his school dress up day

Headlines 10/03/2020

Eazy-E will forever be remembered as one of the most influential figures in West Coast hip-hop history, fronting NWA during their meteoric rise in the late 80's.

And that influence is more evident than ever, after a British schoolboy made waves on social media for dressing as the iconic NWA rapper for World Book Day.

World Book Day sees kids all around the world dress as their favourite characters from literature, and 12-year-old Isaac Stevenson decided he would rock up to school dressed as none other than Eazy Muthaf***in E.

You might be wondering whether or not Eazy-E ever appeared in any kind of literature, but seen as he features in numerous books written about NWA, the costume's legitimacy still stands!

Isaac's father told LADbible that his sons obsession with West Coast rap is what prompted the costume choice:

He said: "Isaac gets obsessed with stuff. He's obsessed with BMXing, and he's obsessed with West Coast rap.

"He's got a brother who is 18 years old and they watched [NWA biopic] Straight Outta Compton, obviously he shouldn't have done because he was like 11 at the time, but it ended up with him getting really into Eazy-E.

"Nope, not Dre, which would have been cool, Eazy-E. He is totally obsessed with him."

Safe to say the boy has good taste!