MusicHelpsLives launches in NZ to help struggling live music industry due to COVID-19

Headlines 03/04/2020

MusicHelpsLives has launched in New Zealand to provide support for Kiwis who have been left devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

On a global scale, all kinds of music events have been cancelled or postponed... including our country. "New Zealand musicians and those who work behind the scenes are facing an uncertain future," they said.

Now they are the ones that need our help.

MusicHelpsLives aims to raise $2m NZD to support Kiwis through the coming winter.

MusicHelps has been a charity organisation for the industry, and one of their main objectives was to provide emergency financial support and professional counselling to Kiwi music people when a crisis emerges. They have launched a new fund to specifically help people and companies suffering due to coronavirus.

"New Zealand's musicians and the teams behind them are always there for us in times of trouble and tragedy, like the Band Together concert after the Christchurch earthquakes and You Are Us/Aroha Nui concerts following the Christchurch terror attacks," says MusicHelps board chair and MusicHelpsLive spokesperson Campbell Smith. "Now they are the ones that need our help."

MusicHelpsLive is calling on New Zealanders to visit to make a donation or find other ways to support the live music industry.