'Just The Norms' and 'TC' drop hilarious INU NOW parody rap song "DATS ALLOWED"

Headlines 11/03/2020

A Kiwi comedy duo are making waves on social media with their hilarious parody rap song, "DATS ALLOWED."

"Just The Norm" and "TC" teamed up to deliver a track aimed at some of the users of the notorious Facebook group INU NOW, which is infamous for featuring a broad range of characters.

The characters being targeted on the track are the individuals who seem to spend more time live streaming themselves getting up to all sorts of mischief on INU NOW, than they do with their own kids.

The production on the track is actually pretty tight considering the comedic nature of the song, and the hook "Sis, dats allowed" is undeniably catchy.

Check it out down below:

Mai FM does not condone any of the behaviour or activities shown in the video, and if you, you need to buy a mirror and take a good look at yourself.