KFC have made Crocs that look like buckets of fried chicken with chicken drumsticks on top

Headlines 13/02/2020

KFC and Crocs have teamed up for the greatest collaboration since Kanye and Jay-Z's "Watch the Throne," to give us the KFC Crocs.

Crocs have recently had a resurgence in the fashion world, so much so that they're arguably more popular than ever. And now they're looking to take over the culinary merchandise world too!

KFC announced this week that it was partnering with Crocs to create shoes inspired by its iconic buckets of chicken and, well, the chicken itself.

There are two different versions on offer, the first being the classic clog look with a KFC twist:

"It's got the classic KFC bucket design on the bottom, while the top has a fried chicken print complete with two removable chicken-scented Jibbitz, which look exactly like chicken drumsticks."

But the second pair are on another level, the "Bucket Clog," which is similar to the classic clog, but features a 4.5-inch platform and even appeared in photos during New York Fashion Week.

The classic clogs will be available for purchase in the spring for $59.99 on Crocs.com.