New 'Kiwi Pizza' labelled the worst pizza of all time

Headlines 13/01/2020

Whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza is a personal choice, and one that many have debated for years.

But a new 'Kiwi Pizza' is being labeled the worst of all time, and we can't help but agree.

A tourist in Denmark took to social media to post about his discovery, calling it "an unholy abomination".

The pizza boasts a whopping 27 pieces of kiwifruit, tomato paste base and classic pizza dough.

Plenty of Kiwis have responded to the atrocity, and they haven't held back:

"Congratulations Denmark you ruined pizza," one person said.

"This makes me unreasonably angry," another wrote.

One outraged pizza lover added: "Everyone talks crap about pineapple. But THIS is wrong on soooooo many levels I've lost count."

"Every day we stray further from what Italians consider a pizza."

But not everyone has opposed the idea, with a number of Kiwis willing to give the creation a fair crack.

"I could almost taste the combined flavours of the cheese and kiwi— its saltiness and its sweetness and tartness respectively. Like it could be a good flavour combination much like that of cheese and grapes or berries," one explained.

Another added: "Yeah I'm curious if it would taste as how I am imagining it, which isn't too terrible, I suppose."

What do you reckon? Surely this is too far?