McDonald's Japan get clowned for releasing new "Adult Cream Pies"

Headlines 14/01/2020

McDonald's Japan have had a bit of an unfortunate blunder this week after releasing a new range of tasty treats with a not-so tasty name:

The Adult Cream Pies.

If you're unsure as to what is so wrong with that name, "cream pie" is a term often used in a heavily sexual context that we probably shouldn't delve too deep into for censorship reasons.

Thankfully the new Maccas menu item has no link to the cream pies you might find on the internet, but that hasn't stopped a few eyebrows (and probably blood pressure) being raised.

Two different types of pie will be on offer, although neither require any sexual input from customers.

the first consists of 'crispy pie dough kneaded with cocoa powder' and 'is packed with chocolate cream using Belgian chocolate'.

The site adds: "A cream pie that fills the hearts of adults with a balance of chocolate sweetness and bitterness."

The second pie is a little bit saltier, offering a cheese option.

"Crispy puff pastry kneaded with parmesan cheese is packed with sweet cheese cream using cream cheese. A cream pie that fills the hearts of adults with a balance between the sweetness and saltiness of cheese cream."

People immediately took to Twitter to comment on the new menu item, with one person saying:

"Gotta love Japan, where they censor porn and have creative products names like this."

Another person even offered help: "If you pay me a few hundred dollars a month I'll be your English speaking consultant on naming. This literally is a sex term in English."