Hawkes Bay 'Kiwiana' tattoo goes viral

Headlines 21/01/2020

Napier tattoo artist Rob Kent has gone viral after photos of a drug-related design made the rounds on social media.

Arkay Tattooing from Napier posted the photo which depicts a pair of matching tattoos of knives being heated on an electric stove.

For the uninformed, the tattoo basically represents the uniquely Kiwi method for smoking marijuana called 'spotting' or 'hot-knifing'.

Kent - who is based at Napier's 'The Collective' tattoo studio - told NZME that the design was part of a series of Kiwiana tattoos.

The client reportedly took months to make the decision to get the tattoo, with a friend later getting the same tattoo to match.

Kent told NZME the pair chose the design as a tribute to their friendship and as a way of remembering their past.

The designs were inked on the inner arm, so would be easily hidden, Kent said.

Kiwis raided the comments and noticed a couple of details and missing features, noting "the ash around the outer element" but adding "You forgot the tin lid or spoon. But hey, spots on brah."