WATCH: State of Origin's most iconic punch-ups

Headlines 05/06/2019

WARNING: Do not recreate any of these scenarios. At all. Ever. Okay? Mean.

State of Origin is famous for a number of things, the drama, the tries, the rivalries, the list goes on... But perhaps one of the most iconic aspects of State of O is the dust ups that occur on field, and holy hecka there have been a lot.

From the first ever dust up between Greg Oliphant and Graeme Wynn back in 1980, to Paul "The Grub" Gallen's ferocious attack on Nate Myles in 2013, Origin has seen more hooks thrown than fishing boat.

In the spirit of the game, we've collated a list of some of Origin's most iconic punch ups and scraps for your viewing pleasure:

Michael Crocker vs Justin Poore, Game II, 2009:

Big Michael Crocker loves a dust up, especially with a man wearing blue. Unfortunately for Justin Poore, he happened to be wearing a blue jersey in 2009. After a particularly hard tackle by Crocker, Poore took exception and decided to take a shot at Queenslad forward, resulting in a full team scrap.

Steve Price vs. Brett White, Game III, 2009

Literally the next game after Crocker and Poore went at it, Origin provided yet another brutal dust up. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this one, and for good reason. Origin fights normally involve a bit pushing a shoving with a couple punches thrown here and there, but everyone comes out of it in fairly good shape. Unfortunately for Steve Price, this was not your usual Origin scrap.

Greg Oliphant vs. Graeme Wynn vs. Artie Beetson, Game I, 1980

This was the first ever Origin, and by definition, the first ever Origin fight, setting the tone for future tests that is still felt today. Back in the days when you had to literally murder someone to get a yellow card, Graham Wynn took a shot at Greg Oliphant after the latter decided to throw a cheap swinging arm in the tackle. The rest, as they say, is history.

Everyone vs. Everyone, Game II, 1995

When it's on, it's on. This is often seen as the biggest Origin fight of all time, with just about every player on either teams getting in on the action. Special shout out goes to John Hopoate, who took on two Maroons at once.

Michael Jennings Flying Superman Punch, Game I, 2012

Brent Tate did not see this coming, but boy did he feel it. After Greg Bird gave Matt Scott a shove, a fight unsurprisingly ensued. It was a fairly standard affair, that is until Michael Jennings came flying in from no where and landed one right on Brent Tate's noggin.

Paul Gallen vs. Nate Myles, Game I, 2013

This fight resulted in Paul Gallen catching a one week suspension, which tells you all you need to know about it. This fight changed the way Rugby League viewed fighting as a whole, and was probably the last true punch up in Origin. Nate Myles was caught unawares by a rampaging Paul Gallen (who at the time was most likely juiced to the gills), copping a number of shots before he even knew what was going on.