WATCH: Soundcloud rapper tries to step out 50 Cent after 50 refuses to listen to his music

Headlines 07/06/2019

It's pretty well documented that 50 Cent is not a man to be messed with, just look at his IG account for evidence of that. But that hasn't stopped Soundcloud rapper 'NFL DUME' from rolling up on 50 while the "Candy Shop" rapper is hanging with a friend.

A video of the event has gone viral, with many praising 50 for not reacting violently, especially considering how agressive DUME is in his approach.

In the video, Mr. Jackson can be seen attempting to walk away from DUME, but the latter wasn't having it, provoking him in hopes of an altercation ensuing. 50 fittingly asked him "are you crazy?" To which the Jersey native responded, "I am crazy! I'm crazy about my talent."

50 refused to take the bait, and instead tries to give the aspiring rapper some advice:

 "Your shit is not gonna work. You know why?" he asked. "Because you're stupid. The way you approaching me is wrong."

And judging by the video, 50 is right. Pulling up on artist and getting aggressive is a sure fire way to make them not want to hear anything you have to say.

Always getting the last laugh, 50 took to IG to post up about the event, where he considered making some merchandise to immortalise the altercation.