WATCH: Man hiding from Police in roof falls through ceiling

Headlines 26/06/2019

Reckon you're having a tough day? Well you can probably count yourself lucky as footage has emerged of a man falling through the ceiling of a house, right on to the police officers trying to find him.


The man in question was reportedly hiding from police in the attic of a house, until he made the wrong step onto a weak part of the ceiling and fell through, dangling his leg above the very officers looking for him.

Footage of the event was captured by Matty Walsh, a man who was in the house at the time attending a party. Walsh says that Police entered the home looking for an alleged suspect, before a loud creak was heard from up above.

"We heard a cracking and the police said, 'Who's in the roof?'

"The next thing, a foot comes in and the plaster comes down and almost hits the copper on the head.

"There was no way out and he came down when they went to get him, there was no way out so he just gave up.

"We were all having a laugh about it, I don't know what the coppers thought of it."

Check the footage out up top!