WATCH: Breakers star recruit RJ Hampton gets quizzed on Kiwi slang and tries Vegemite for the first time

Headlines 11/06/2019

New Breakers recruit RJ Hampton may take some adjusting to life 'downunder', when he arrives in Auckland for the Australian NBL season.

The American high school basketball star has forsaken scholarship offers at several top universities to kick off his professional career early with the NZ-based franchise.

But early indications are he's in for a culture shock.

Bleacher Report quizzed Hampton, 18, on Aussie and Kiwi slang, and he showed he had a lot to learn, drawing blank on phrases like 'bugger', 'in the wops', 'chilly bin' and 'ankle-biter'.

"What the hell is a chilly bin?"

But the point guard must have really wondered what he had let himself in for, when he bravely sampled Vegemite, the pungent yeast-extract sandwich spread.

"Is it like jam?" he wondered, tucking into the delicacy. His curiosity soon turned to disgust.

"I feel like this is something that humans shouldn't be eating.

"That is the grossest thing I've eaten in my entire life."

Maybe he's more of a Marmite man, then.

Credit to Newshub.