Usher unveils massive new neck and head tattoo

Headlines 11/06/2019

R&B star Usher has opted for a giant new piece of ink that spans from between his shoulder blades neck all the way up the back of his head.

Tattoo artist Dillon Forte shared his handiwork on Instagram, writing that it had been "an honor" to tattoo the singer.

"This piece was inspired by transformation," Forte captioned the post.

"Sacred geometry and an ancient Berber talisman to mark the cardinal points in the sky and allow travellers to find their way across vast distances."

The 'You Got It Bad' hitmaker had to shave half his head to make room for the intricate pattern, which reportedly took three hours to complete.

While many fans appreciated the "beautiful art" in the comments section of Forte's post, not everyone was so impressed.

"Sad to think someone needs a hideous tattoo to believe they are better looking with it," one comment read.

"This tattoo makes no sense and it's not beautiful and it's permanent, why are you celebs doing this marking up your bodies," another Instagram user wrote.

Credit to Newshub.