LISTEN: Stan Walker releases new single 'Give', with the help of Six60

new music 28/06/2019

Three of Aotearoa's most talented musicians have come together to bring us Stan Walker's new single: 'Give'.

In response to all the recent horrible world events, Stan Walker and Matiu Walters from Six60 got together to write a song that would inspire change. 

Working together, the pair came up with 'Give' within a day, an anthem that reminds people to embody the positivity they want to see in others. Son's of Zion's Matt Sadgrove also jumped in, adding the finishing production touches to the single. 

Stan says 'Give' is about "the advice between generations. Knowing who came before you and who will come after you, and creating a better world because of it."

How you ever gonna change the world
If you can’t change yourself?

How you gonna love?
How you gonna live?
Don’t you know you get back what you give, give.

You can listen to the single on Youtube above, or on Spotify below.