Justin Bieber calls out Tom Cruise on Twitter and challenges him to a fight

Headlines 10/06/2019

We're gonna go ahead and kick this off by saying we have absolutely no idea why or what Justin Bieber is doing this for, in fact we're not even sure if Justin does either, but anyways...

Justin Bieber has taken to Twitter today to issue a challenge to legendary actor Tom Cruise, but it's not the usual viral challenge you'd expect, it's a fight.

Yes you read that right, Justin Bieber wants to go toe-to-toe with Mr. Top Gun himself.

As far as we know, this challenge is completely unprovoked, and if there's a back story to it, Justin certainly hasn't told anyone.

Tom Cruise is an action star and stunt man, so it's not as though he's new to the idea of fighting, and he's pretty damn good at pretend fighting so surely that would translate across to real life at least a little bit?

Who do you reckon wins in this ruckus?