WATCH: Whangarei farmer's crack up milk and cookie challenge goes viral

Headlines 21/08/2019

Milk and cookies are one of those age-old combos that everyone knows and loves, like peas and corn, fish and chips, the Wallabies and disapointment, this list goes on.

But on Whangarei farmer has taken his love of milk and cookies to the next level, getting back to basics for a drink of milk. Mihaka Hemi Beckham, who works at Jordan Valley Farm, posted up a hilarious video of himself eating a biscuit and squirting milk into his mouth from a teat of a cow.

In the post, the young farmer also nominated his friends to take part in the #milkandcookie challenge, which could end up being a trend amongst Kiwi farmers.

The video itself has amassed 54,000 views, 573 shares and 887 comments.

Check it out down below: