WATCH: Rebellious old man on mobility scooter leads police on hilarious low-speed chase in Timaru

Headlines 22/08/2019

An elderly man has led police on a ricidulous chase around the streets of Timaru on a mobility scooter, and thankfully for us, the whole ordeal was caught on camera.

The man was filmed dodging traffic and attempting to flee police in a low speed but still high octane chase that left onlookers hilariously shocked.

The video shows the man 's determined escape bid during the video.

"He's going for it!", says the woman who filmed the pursuit from her car and provides a compelling commentary along with a child in the vehicle.

"What is the old man up to?" she says, laughing as he makes his way up the footpath and weaves between cars on the road.

The video ends with officers following the scooter down a driveway, on foot.

Absolute legend!