Someone has invented "Tear-Rings" for when you need to wipe those tears away

Headlines 21/08/2019

Sometimes you just need a good cry, and sometimes there aren't any tissues handy, so you just end up a wet sobbing mess. But now there's a new invention out there that's perfect for those teary eyed situations, courtesy of the legends over at Unnecessary Inventions.

The perfectly named "Tear-Rings" are earrings in the shape and form of toilet paper, that ensure that you're ready for any and all the emotions that life might put you through.

They're complete with refillable rolls of paper, easy hand to eye acess, and they even look pretty good fashion-wise. The legends at Unnecessary Inventions are no strangers when it comes to questionable creations, they recently whipped up a pair of Crocs-Gloves that sent the internet into a frenzy.

Got a mate that needs a pair of these?