Seth Haapu drops the music video for his latest track "All For You"


"Seth Haapu is a modern-classic image of Polynesian identity who writes, produces, and sings with a velvet voice, reminiscent of R&B intimacy."

That is how Kiwi Seth Haapu describes himself, and it's definitely what he portrays in his latest single "All For You."

According to Haapu, the SmokeyGotBeatz produced track is "An ode to the force of nature that is the feminine spirit. A force that is both beautiful and powerful, in the most balanced of ways"

"The women in my life and my ancestral home of Huahine were among the muses. From a semantic and historical view, Huahine is known as “the island of women”, as it was ruled by queens."

Check out the dope new video for the track up top!