Kevin Hart suffers 'major injuries' in serious car crash

Headlines 02/09/2019

Comedian Kevin Hart is seriously injured after his vintage car was involved in a high impact crash. 

Hart's 1970 Plymouth Barracuda careened off the road and rolled into a ditch at 12.45am local time, Highway Patrol confirmed to NBC News

Authorities said the car was being driven by a friend, while Hart and another person were passengers. All three occupants became trapped when the car flipped onto its roof. 

A statement from police confirmed the driver was not under the influence, but had "lost control of the vehicle" which was crushed on impact. 

Hart and the driver both reportedly suffered "major back injuries" according to TMZ, who were on the scene shortly after the accident. The third person in the vehicle was unharmed. 

Videos from the gossip website captured the devastating damage to the muscle car, showing the roof entirely caved in. 

Hart showed off his new ride, nicknamed 'Menace', on Instagram earlier this year. 

"I added some more muscle to the family for my 40th," he wrote of his birthday gift to himself in July. 

The comments section of the post have since been flooded with well-wishes from concerned fans. 

"Praying for a quick recovery... Glad you are alive," one comment read. 

"I hope you heal and make a full recovery! You still need to make us smile!" said another. 

Credit to Newshub.