A new viral Facebook page is trying to bring Shaquille O'Neal (DJ Diesel) to Bay Dreams

Headlines 16/08/2019

Footage of former NBA big man Shaquille O'Neal head banging at Tomorrowland sent the internet into a frenzy last month (see above), and now, one young Kiwi lad is trying to bring Shaq to Bay Dreams 2020.

Quinn Phelan created the event page "Get Shaq (DJ Diesel) to Baydreams 2020" as joke at first, but then it quickly took off and has only continued to grow momentum.

"The page was made thinking it wouldn't get any attention then next minute it started to take off" claims Phelan.

And this wouldn't be the first time that Bay Dreams have brought a viral sensation with the name "Shaq" to our shores, after featuring UK grime parody rapper "Big Shaq" in their lineup two years ago.

"Baydreams have also had a thing for getting people over like Sheck Wes last year and also Big Shaq (the year before) so hopefully this year the other Big Shaq hears the call."

Phelan also states that seeing the former Lakers star going hard at Tomorrowland is what inspired him to start the page:

"After seeing the video of him in the mosh at tomorrowland and also his set it seemed like he was really amping everyone up, after the vid went massive on socials it was the funniest thing seeing him in the crowd going hard."

While Shaq is yet to see the page, Quinn, who refers to himself as "the boy with a dream to get Shaq to come to NZ," is hoping that it will eventually reach him and inspire him to make the journey to Aotearoa.

Check out the event page HERE: