WATCH: Will Smith's iconic emotional "Fresh Prince" scene about dad leaving turns 25

Headlines 10/05/2019

There are so many iconic moments and scenes from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, from Carlton's dancing, Jazz being thrown out of the house by Uncle Phil, to the countless pick-up lines from Will.

But none of those moments pack the same emotional punch as the scene where Will has to confront his long-lost father, Lou. After abandoning Will as a baby, Lou mysteriously re-appears in Will's life, only to betray him by making false promises and leaving again.

It has now been 25 years since that episode aired back in 1994, and Fresh Prince fans the world over are coming together to reminisce about the emotional scene.\

Last year, Will Smith sat down with TIDAL's Rap Radar Podcast and talked about how he worked on the scene with his castmates, revealing that he had to dig deep in order to make the exchange believable. It turns out that James Avery, aka Uncle Phil, was the one who helped him tackle the scene.

Catch the iconic scene up top.