WATCH: Lil Pump claims there's nothing wrong with smoking while you pump petrol in your car

Headlines 24/05/2019

There's not much we can really say after that headline. But let's try regardless... 

Last week, Lil Pump shared a video of himself smoking a blunt while putting petrol in his car, which is honestly f***ing crazy. But he even has the damn audacity to joke about it while doing it, saying "Lil Pump smoking with lil pump equals lil pump."

Obviously people were shook, and understandably too. So TMZ caught up with the "Nephew" rapper to see what he had to say about his dangerous exploits. And unsurprisingly, he doesn't give a sh*t. 

"I seen people in my comments, like, 'What's wrong with you?’ Is there something wrong with that?" 

He also claims this is a regular occurance for him stating:

We do that on the regular

Note to self: Avoid this man at gas stations at all costs.