Justin Bieber criticizes Eminem for "dissing new rappers"

Headlines 02/05/2019

The battle between the old vs. new school is a generational debate that will never go away. The same people who bag the new school now, once had to defend the music of their era against the previous generation. And in the same regard, the current new school fans will eventually find themselves questioning the music of future generations.

But Justin Bieber has taken that debate right to the top of the food chain, questioning Eminem's dissmissal of modern rappers on his track "The Ringer." Given Eminem's history of responding to criticism, Bieber has got balls. 

Taking to his IG story to voice his opinion, Bieber posted a screenshot of Eminem's track "The Ringer," which was followed up with a message from the pop sensation:

Bieber himself has been name-dropped by the rap phenom before, when Eminem mentioned him on his "Kick Off" freestyle in December:

"Justin Bieber in a Catholic school/Selling dust and reefer when your back is to him," Em rapped.

What do you think? Is Eminem just a product of his generation or is Bieber misguided?