A definitive list of all the old school Kiwi snacks that need to make a comeback

Headlines 23/05/2019

Earlier in the week it was announced that CC's corn chips have made their long awaited return, meaning we'll be seeing them back on supermarket shelves for a limited time from May 27th.

But all this talk has got us thinking, what other kiwi snacks need to make a comeback? So we made a list (in no particular order) of the classic Kiwi kai we wanna see back on supermarket shelves!

PS. We know we definitely aren't the first ones to make a list like this, but we just couldn't help doing our own. Also, some of these aren't actually made in NZ, but they certainly were sold here and helped feed us all through childhood.

1: Biguns

How good were these bad boys?

Salty, crunchy, and perfect for school lunches to get the kids jacked up on sugar after lunchtime. They came in four different flavours which included Cheese, Cheese and Bacon, Bar-b-q, and (crowd favourite) Tangy

They made a short comeback in 2016 but were quickly extinct again and haven't been around since.

2: Dessertalicious Ice Cream

The king of all ice creams. Anyone who disagrees with me can straight up roll up to my house.

Okay maybe don't do that but how good was this creation from Tip-Top? It was almost like a sandwich, with mousse on top, honey-comb ice cream in the middle, and rounded off with sponge on the bottom.

Tip-Top actually came out and told fans that the machine they used to make Dessertalicious no longer exists, and it required a specific machine to make such a glorious combination of flavours and textures. RIP.

3: Krispa Salt & Vinegar Chips 

Little is known of what happened to this flavour of Krispa, and the Chicken flavour is still floating around but it's superior contemporary has been MIA for years.

4: Tangy Fruits

What movie was complete without these little rocks of sugar? Used more for throwing at your mates than actually eating, these little suckers packed a flavour punch.

They faded into extinction in 2008 due to a significant decrease in popularity and sales, which brings the old adage of "you don't know what you've got until it's gone" to mind.

5: Snifters

Mint. Chocolate. More mint. How lit is that combo? Well, not lit enough for Cadbury to keep production going for these minty little treats. They haven't been seen in 10 years and it's unlikely we'll ever see them again. RIP.

6: Fruit Roll Ups

Gonna be completely honest, I have no idea whether or not these still exist? But I'm pretty sure the OG flavours don't exist? Probably should've Googled it.

None the less, these have to be one of the strangest snacks you could get back in the day. It's literally sugar and fruit concentrate with the texture of a sheet of plastic. But they were so tasty and sticky, and you could roll them around your thumbs and wait for them to melt! Sounds kinda weird thinking about it now.

Don't quote me on this but I believe that they faced a bit of controversy when it was revealed how bad they actually were for you, which may have led to their demise?

7: Paradiso Ice Cream

These literally tasted like summer on a stick. Damn Tip-Top really used to kill it back in the day. With "Premium Vanilla Ice Cream" beautifully enveloped in "Soft Tropical Fruit Sorbet," these bad boys were an absolute treat on a hot day! Or any other day for that matter...

8: Dunkaroos

Remember how jacked up on sugar you were at primary school? No wonder we all developed attention issues! These sweet little treats were deliciously fun to eat, allowing you to dip your biscuit into a chocolate dipping sauce that was gauranteed to keep you going all day.

9: Calippo Shots

Remember when it was always Tip-Top vs. Streets to decide who was the king of frozen treats? We do, and these were one of Streets best creations. Small ice balls that you'd pop into your mouth like a mumble rapper with a penchant for Xans.

10: Sparkles

Like a lot of other snacks on this list, Sparkles met their demise at the tail end of the noughties, with production ceasing in 2008. And like a lot of other snacks on this list, it was due to poor sales and low demand. RIP.

11: Fruity Bix Bars

Okay now these are a bit of an anomaly on this list, because let's be honest, these weren't as great as some other snacks featured here. But they get through on pure nostalgia.

These were the snacks you found in your lunchbox only after your mum was told how bad Fruit Roll Ups were fror you. They were pretty much just Weet-Bix covered in sugary yogurt with fruit in the middle, but damn they kept you going.

12: Those Bootleg Lunch Packs From The Dairy

Where did these even come from? They had a unhealthy and extremely questionable mix of chips, drink and chocolate that were most likely brought in from some South East Asian country on the cheap.

They still exist at some Dairy's around the country but are being stamped out more and more due to the fact you can get Type 2 Diabetes just by looking at it. Probably not ideal for kids.

What Kiwi snacks do you miss the most? Have we missed any out? Sound off in the comments!