Nick Cannon slammed for "Eminem should have died over Juice WRLD" diss-track lyric

Headlines 12/12/2019

Nick Cannon has followed up his Eminem diss-track with yet another scathing attack on the Detroit native, "Pray For Him." 

The track features Nick and The Black Squad yet again taking digs at Eminem for his feuds with Pink, Britney Spears and NSYNC.

However fans are slamming the Wild 'n' Out host for an insensitive lyric that mentions recently deceased rapper Juice WRLD.

The diss track titled "Pray For Him" includes a line from Prince Eazy rapping: ‘I’m sick of all my homies keep dyin’, might puke Earl, God should’ve took Em and just let us keep Juice WRLD.’

Fans took to social media to lash out at Cannon, and although the lyric was not said by Cannon himself, fans wasted no time in dragging Cannon for even allowing it to feature on the track.

Eminem is yet to reply with his own diss-track, however this new diss may prompt the "Lose Yourself" rapper to respond.

Read all about the initial feud here, and check out the new diss up top.