WATCH: Troy Kingi calls for Kiwis to "find out our history" in inspiring VNZMAs speech

Headlines 15/11/2019

Troy Kingi gave an inspiring speech after winning the VNZMA award for Best Māori Artist.

Kingi and his band the Upperclass edged out Rei and Louis Baker for the honour.

As Kingi walked up to the stage to accept the award he was met with a rousing haka.

"I dedicate this award to our indigenous brothers and sisters," he said.

"[They're] going through a lot of s**t at the moment".

After thanking all those who supported his win, Kingi had some positive words for those listening.

"I'm just really happy that this generation is...they're conscious thinkers. They're seeking the truth, the looking for the histories," he told the crowd.

"And I just put it to us to find out your history - find out our history and you'll find that our country will change a lot for the better."

Kingi and the Upperclass' latest album is Holy Colony Burning Acres.

The album is the third instalment of his 10|10|10 Series (10 albums in 10 genres in 10 years).