WATCH: Guy Williams tries to find who killed Opo the Dolphin and meets local legend "The Taniwha"

Headlines 08/11/2019

Guy Williams' cult favourite show New Zealand Today has provided us with some of the best TV moments of the year, from the Black Face parade in Hawera to the infamous 'Heils Kitchen' segment that took the internet by storm.

And now he has followed it all up with another hilarious episode that sees him travel to the far northern settlement of Opononi, a small Hokianga town that is famous for being the home of 'Opo the Dolphin.'

In the mid-50's, Opo was a friendly Dolphin that lived in the Hokianga Harbour, and was a massive tourist attraction for the time. Sadly, Opo mysteriously died and rumours have swirled for years that he was killed.

Guy Williams tries to find the killer of the famous fish, and along the way he meets a local legend Herb Leef, more commonly known as "The Taniwha."

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