WATCH: Drake gets "booed" off stage during surprise set at Camp Flog Gnaw

Headlines 12/11/2019

Tyler, The Creator's annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival went down over the weekend in LA, with rumours swirling beforehand that Frank Ocean would be making a surprise appearance.

However the "Self Control" singer was no where to be seen, instead fans were treated to a surprise set by Drake, which garnered mixed reviews from the crowd.

"They told me to come out and maybe do, like, two or three songs for y'all tonight but I'mma ask your permission, because I know this is your festival, I'mma ask your permission if I can stay up here and turn up with you for a little longer tonight," Drake told the crowd at one point during the surprise mini-set.

Drake then addressed the crowd again, but this time the crowd reaction wasn't exactly what he was after, being met with jeers, boos and people shouting "No."

"If you wanna keep going, I will keep going tonight," he said, ultimately walking off the stage. "Well, look, it's been love . . . Thank you for having me," he told the crowd.