WATCH: Wesley College give incredible welcome to former pupil Savage

Headlines 16/10/2019

Kiwi rapper and South-Auckland legend Savage visited his former stomping ground of Wesley College yesterday morning, where he was greeted by an incredible welcome  courtesy of the pupils.

The "Swing" rapper gave an emotional and powerful speech to his former high school about the need for people to speak out when they are suffering.

Savage also detailed his own niece's battle with depression, which tragically resulted in her losing her life:

"For me and my family it was devastating. My daughters were very close with my niece, so when the news hit, it just kind of shattered our whole family," he said.

That tragedy saw Savage challenge himself into making a change through the avenue he knows best, music.

"The best way that I could do that was to share my own testimony," Savage said.

Growing up on the streets of South Auckland, he was surrounded by "youth gangs and a lot of violence and criminal activities," he said.

"During those times I went through a lot of hardship, I felt like I had lost everything.

"There's a moment in the video where I actually attempted to take my own life, but I was actually saved by my older brother.

"Imagine if I had done it? Look at all the music and the success that I would have missed out on - and my kids.

Check the video out up top: