Taika Waititi confirms that Korg will return in Thor: Love and Thunder

Headlines 17/10/2019

Taika Waititi has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to chat about Jojo RabbitThor: Love and Thunder... and give a little English lesson.

The filmmaker told the show's host that New Zealanders aren't good at pitching ideas to prospective investors, triggering a back-and-forth that ends with a suggestion Americans aren't good at words.

"The New Zealish are not good at pitching, huh?" Kimmel asks.

"The 'New Zealish?'" laughs Waititi.

"Ha ha, we're not good at knowing things about other countries," replies Kimmel.

"Nah. Or words," Waititi fires back.

When the Hunt for the Wilderpeople director spoke about what to expect in his upcoming Thor sequel, he confirmed that he'll reprise his role as fan-favourite Korg, who fans have previously seen in Avengers: Endgame and Thor: Ragnarok.

"I've just finished a couple of drafts of that story... my character is coming back, Korg," he says, before looking surprised at the cheers and applause.

"Thank you so much for that reaction. Oh, jeez, I'm overwhelmed, that's really choice," Waititi then tells the audience, in Korg's voice.

Much of TV appearance was about Jojo Rabbit, his anti-hate satire that opens in New Zealand cinemas next week.

As well as directing, the Boy and Green Hornet star plays Adolf Hitler in the film, which was honoured with the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival People's Choice Award.

"One of the first times I put the costume on and the little moustache, I looked in the mirror and the main takeaway from that was feeling super embarrassed," Waititi says.

"You don't usually remember what you look like throughout the day. Then I'd be talking to the actors [and telling them what to do], and I could see it in their eyes. They'd look at my lip, look down at my clothes, looking at my hair.

"Then I'd catch a little reflection of myself and go, 'Oh God. That's right. OK, on second thoughts, you don't have to do what I say. It's not an order. You just do what you want'."

Jojo Rabbit is set to be released in New Zealand on October 24.

Credit to Newshub.