Funeral attendees accidentally given weed-laced chocolate cake after bakery mix-up

Headlines 31/10/2019

Funerals can be a sad and dull affair, but one funeral in Germany has left attendees with 'high' spirits.

An unfortunate bakery mix-up has seen 13 mourners chomp down on what they thought was an innocent bit of chocolate cake, which was eventually revealed to be laced with copious amounts of weed.

After tucking in, all 13 people experienced nausea and dizziness and had to seek medical treatment.

The ensuing police investigation revealed the restaurant employee in charge of organising the cake had asked her 18-year-old daughter to bake it.

When picking up the cake to take to the funeral the woman took the hash cake from the freezer that the teenager had made for another occasion instead of the chocolate one.

The incident itself occured in August but has only recently been made public, in a move to respect the wishes of the considerably unimpressed mourners.