Brisbane Broncos players were seen at the pub on the pokies the night before losing 58-0 to the Eels

Headlines 17/09/2019

A big loss is hard to take, especially when it comes to finals footy. Sometimes your head isn't in the game, or the other team are just too good, or some bad calls don't go your way.

That's what most people suspected had happened when the Brisbane Broncos were dealt the heaviest defeat in NRL finals history via the rampaging Eels, going to 58-0 to the Parramatta squad over the weekend.

But Fox Sports has just reported that a number of Broncos players were seen at a Sydney Pub the night before the game, playing the pokies until late at night.

Fox Sports claims: "Eyewitnesses confirmed Broncos players Matt Gillett, Andrew McCullough, Payne Haas, David Fifita, Corey Oates and Anthony Milford were all at Harpoon Harry’s hotel near Sydney’s Oxford Street until late on Saturday night.

The players congregated in the pub’s pokies room, where Fifita stayed playing the machines alone, after the rest of his teammates left the venue around 11pm."

A fellow patron at the pub asked Broncos playmaker Anthony Milford what time he was playing the next day:

“I knew the game started at 4pm but Milford turned to me and said: ‘I think it’s at six, eh’. He wasn’t taking the piss, he was dead set,” the source said.

Coach Anthony Seibold was unaware of his players’ late night antics, and the club was equally oblivious to the incident until contacted by Fox Sports on Tuesday.

Considering the way the Broncos played the following day, let's all agree that this isn't all that surprising! Stay away from the pokies kids...