WATCH: Young fan gets called on stage to rap with his hero at Glastonbury and absolutely smashes it

Headlines 02/07/2019

Glastonbury 2019 music festival was packed with highlights, but the show's most memorable moment may have come from a 15-year-old audience member.

Alex Mann went along to watch award-winning South London rapper Dave perform and just so happened to be wearing a Paris Saint Germain football shirt with captain Thiago Silva's name across the back - which is also the name of a hit from the rapper.

When Dave was gearing up to play 'Thiago Silva' at Glastonbury, he noticed Alex and invited him on stage to perform the song.

And he absolutely smashed it like a veteran.

The performance has since landed Alex a massive social media following and praise from the man himself Thiago Silva, who reached out to Alex and asked to speak with him.

No telling if Alex will have five minutes in the sun, but after a performance like that we may not have seen the last of the 15-year-old English lad.