WATCH: Police officer sings a beautiful rendition of Whakaaria Mai with crowds at Ihumātao

Headlines 29/07/2019

News of the land dispute at Ihumātao has saturated news headlines and newsfeeds for the past week, so you'd be forgiven for thinking that tensions between occupants and police were escalating in anyway. You'd be forgiven, but you'd also be mistaken.

For a majority of the "protests," Police and locals have been striving to keep the peace between said parties, to ensure that both peace and respect is maintaned while they both look for a resolution to the dispute.

That mutual respect has manifested itself into a heart warming viral video that sees a police officer performing Whakaaria Mai with local occupants.

The video, posted to Facebook on Saturday night, has already amassed over 5k likes and 143k views. Which is no surprise at all given the beautiful singing involved, and the nature of the performance itself that sees two seemingly seperate entities coming together in the name of love.

The caption also says: "Met a few more this morning and even brought over more pallets and helped us with our fire and kai for the whānau on the front line," which suggests that the respect extends even further than just music.