WATCH: Mariah Carey takes on the "bottle cap challenge" using her signature high notes

Headlines 08/07/2019

Other than her highly publicised relationship issues, Mariah Carey is most famous for her iconic vocal chops. Boasting a ridiculous 5-octave range, Mariah undoubtedly has one of the best voices of our generation, or any generation for that matter.

And now she's looking to further prove that point by taking her own spin on the "bottle cap challengem," opting to use her famous 'whistle note' to open the bottle in place of the traditional kick.

After a few vague karate chop like movements the star hits an ear-splittingly high note and the lid of the wine bottle flies off.

Now we know what all you part poopers are thinking and yes, it's highly unlikely that this video is legit. But what an awesome take on a viral internet challenge!

It's also dope to see Mariah hitting those signature high notes again, once an icon, always an icon...