WATCH: Floyd Mayweather Jr. gets dropped by a nasty crossover at celebrity basketball game

Headlines 09/07/2019

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has technically* never been dropped in the boxing ring, but his famously quick feet couldn't keep him safe during a celebrity basketball game today.

At the Monster Energy 50K Charity Challenge at the UCLA Pauley Pavillon in Los Angeles, California, Floyd Mayweather was dropped for the first time, and holy hecka did he fall hard.

Floyd found himself on the receiving end of a nasty cross-over courtesy of streetball legend The Bone Collector, a nickname he earned after breaking the ankles of many a man throughout his career.

The Bone Collector crossed Floyd up and sent the boxing legend crashing on his behind, as Bone stepped back swished in a three. All Floyd could do was sit back and laugh.

*Floyd was given the count against Carlos Hernandez in 2001 but no official knockdown was recorded, and he did technically get knocked down by Zab Judah in 2006 although referee Richard Steele ruled it as a slip.