Study reveals that Kiwis are the best in the world at sleeping

Headlines 23/07/2019

How good is a good night's sleep? I only ask because I haven't got a damn clue what it feels like to have one. But it turns out that most Kiwis do after a recent study revealed that we are in fact the land of the long ass sleep.

Sleep Cycle, an app that tracks the sleeping habits of its users, has released data showing how much sleep countries are getting.

According to the data, New Zealanders are quite well rested, clocking up more than 7.5 hours of sleep a night on average. The number places the country on top of the leaderboard for the world's best sleepers which is as good a claim to fame as any.

Finland, the Netherlands, Australia and the UK all ranked highly for good sleep too, where as South Korea and Japan are the worst sleepers.

Who knew that the Z in NZ was actually just snoring?