Kiwi dad's plea for parents to not take their kids to watch 'The Lion King' goes viral

Headlines 23/07/2019

For most of us, the OG Lion King defined our childhood. The music, the quotes, the memories, all of it will live on in our hearts forever. So when it was announced that Disney would be making a live-action reboot, 90's kids everywhere were hyped.

But a massive fan of the original has a stark warning for parents looking to take their kids along to the highly anticipated reboot: Don't.

Kiwi dad Hikawera Ferris took to social media to plead with parents to not take their kids along to see the movie, or at least take them during the day so that grown up fans of the movie could watch it free of child distractions and interruptions.

He told Seven Sharp young children are "yelling and making unnecessary noise", and he's not afraid to tell disturbing children to be quiet.

The reaction to his comments were mixed with some saying there should be some adults-only sessions at the movies.

"Took my family to see the movie today and the entire time there were kids running around the cinema, swapping seats, going to the toilet, up down up down, talking etc," Stacey Kingi posted on Seven Sharp's Facebook page. "Perhaps a late night screening dedicated to adults only?"

The post itself was posted last week and currently sits at 1.4K reacts, a whopping 1.6K shares, and has been picked by global news outlets.

Sound off in the comments what you think about this, is he right? Or should everyone be able to get amongst the Lion King magic?