Artist recreates new live-action Lion King images to look more like the original characters

Headlines 24/07/2019

The Lion King live-action remake has been blowing up in cinemas all around the globe, with fans rushing to see how Disney remade their childhood classic.

But not all fans are happy with the new look, with some fans say the remake has gone 'too realistic' with the animation.

Now some artists have reimagined what the characters could've looked like if the creators of the film had opted for a slightly more 'cartoony' approach.

Fans have shared their opinions on the art work online.

"This is how the characters should've looked!" one fan praised.

"It looks very very cute but I prefer the realistic one. We have already the cartoon why not one thats looks very realistic?" another added.

Check out some of the artwork below...

Lil Simba

Child Simba

Adult Simba




Timon & Pumba

Movie Poster