66-year-old US public official 'forced to leave job' due to Tupac obsession

Headlines 19/07/2019

It's no secret that Tupac is one of the GOAT's, and his fan-base are more committed and loyal to him than they are to their own partners. But one US public official has taken that obsession with Pac a bit far, leading to his own resignation in the process.

Jerry Foxhoven, former director of Iowa's Department of Human Services, just wanted to share his love of Tupac with his co-workers. But there's being a fan, and then there's bombarding 4,300 people with Tupac lyrics over email, and not just one email, 350 pages worth.

Foxhoven resigned last month after sending another of his Tupac-laden emails, alerting everyone that Pac's birthday is coming up.

Emails obtained by The Associated Press showed the 66-year-old routinely sent messages to employees lauding Tupac’s music and lyrics and although some praised Foxhoven for using the rapper to bring some inspiration into the workplace, there was at least one person who complained.

The publication obtained 350 pages of emails with the words ‘Tupac’ or ‘2Pac’ sent to and from Foxhoven during his two-year tenure, in which the fan explained he was inspired by Tupac’s lyrics, which included ‘It’s time for us as a people to start makin’ some changes.’

In said emails, Foxhoven would mark the anniversary of Pac's passing and even share his lyrics of love on Valentine's Day, all in an effort to use the rapper's image to improve his workplace culture.

Even further than that, he would host 'Tupac Fridays' and bump his music throughout his office all day. He would often quote lyrics to his co-workers and even had Pac themed cookies for his 65th brithday that were decorated with the words 'thug life.'

Unfortunately for Foxhoven, it's suspected he took things a little too far last month when he told 4,300 employees to mark Tupac’s birthday by listening to one of his songs.

The following work day state governer Kim Reynolds told Foxhoven to resign, though a spokesman for the governor would neither confirm nor deny whether the email played a part in her request for his resignation, saying:

As the governor has said, a lot of factors contributed to the resignation of Jerry Foxhoven and now Gov. Reynolds is looking forward to taking DHS in a new direction.

Foxhoven could always embark on a new career as some sort of Tupac-related motivational speaker – he’s certainly had enough practise!